Tax Efficiency
Actionable, Efficient Strategies

Taxes are a dreaded topic for just about everyone, and at Stratos, we want to make that process easier for you.* As we build financial plans for you, we can take into consideration your tax bracket, invest you into tax-efficient assets, consider tax deferred or tax-free accounts for growth, and help you maneuver through how to make charitable donations and gifts with your money. If you need further assistance, we can help by referring you to a quality tax professional.

Our Tax Efficient Strategies

  • Tax Efficient Investment Options
    • Municipal Bonds
    • ETFs
    • Annuities
    • Tax-deferred investments
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Tax Deferred Accounts
    • IRA
    • Solo 401(k)
  • Tax-Free Roth IRA
  • Gift Tax Advisement
  • Charitable donation from retirement account
  • Retirement distribution strategies for tax bracket

*Stratos Wealth Partners associates are not tax professionals. Please consult a tax professional for specific tax-related advice.